America, Muslims, Hate, and The Big Lie

February 5, 2017 By

Donald J Trump has wasted no time picking up with his hateful rhetoric, where he paused it between his campaign for the presidency and taking office.

Trump ran on a campaign of lies and hate, using the actions of terrorists to paint a broad brush about an entire religion or group of people (Muslims) whom do not condone, support or believe in the terrorist acts that are being connected to them.

Now Trump has signed an executive order restricting people from certain countries (according to, The Hill news) and would provide a thorough vetting of refugees to ensure that “radical Islamic terrorists” cannot get into the United States.

What Trump apparently fails to understand or ignores is the very existence of “Terrorist Cells” or home grown terrorists. “Cells” according to reports are individuals living among us waiting for a sign, signal or notice to act out and commit violence.

This country is full of what could and should be described as terrorist’s organizations that were born and raised right here in the good ole US OF A, and I’m talking about The Ku Klux Klan and White Supremacists, NOT Muslims or people from other countries.

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a Hate Map that tracks over 800 hate groups in America, that have historically committed far more acts of violence and hate on American soil than anyone else. Prior to 9/11 the single greatest act of terrorism and violence or attack on this country and its people was committed by a “White Male” Timothy McVeigh. A former member of the United States military.

  • Did we begin tracking white men? No.
  • Did we restrict access to this country for people from Canada or Europe? No.
  • Did we label every White Male as a possible threat? No

In fact white men and their hate groups have been committing acts of hate, violence and on a larger scale “Lynching’s” and terrorism for decades and we have never seen even a remote response of concern for these hateful acts.

Trumps actions and executive orders are focused on hate, lies, control and fear. Don’t fall for it.