Humans aren’t Illegal and Aliens are from Mars.

February 25, 2017 By

So  much has been written, verbalized, blogged, or discussed over the issue of Immigration that I think we as Americans have lost sight of what we are really talking about.

I am almost 49 years old and  have a very diverse set of friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances, none of which to my knowledge are here undocumented, and that’s the appropriate term right ? Humans aren’t illegal.

No one is illegal  especially if they haven’t been tried and convicted or proven to be in the United  States without proper documentation. I don’t go around asking any of my friends if they have the proper docs to be in America, nor do I really care. I guess maybe I should care, because that’s what we are suppose to do right? Wrong.

To me its bullshit really, I mean if you look at this  country and how much land there is for people to live on then why wouldn’t we allow for anyone to come to America?

I know they say it’s for safety and security reasons, we can’t let people in this country who are going to rape and pillage Americans (Trump), as if to say that’s what all non- Americans do, again bullshit.

You can’t say you value safety of community members while at the same time there are back logs of thousands and thousands of rape kits that have never been tested and victims who never get the justice they deserve.

You can’t tell me we need to protect our borders so that radical Islamists won’t infiltrate our community’s and kill us all , while at the very same time ignore the close to 900 Hate groups operating in America TODAY ! Most of which are WHITE AMERICANS!!, born and raised here. And committing more school shootings and attacks on Americans then any Mexican or Muslim period. Who believes this crap?

You tell me if we put up a wall to keep  non-Americans out we are safer ? Actually we will be trapped IN with those 900 Hate groups, we aren’t safe.

Safe? How safe can we be when you stop the son of one of the greatest Americans of all time at the airport and ask him where he was born ? PHILLEDELPHIA !!! It’s not like he was difficult to identify unless your heads in the sand, I mean he has the same name as his father Muhammad Ali. And yes he is Muslim again why does that matter ? This isn’t safety this is Racism shrouded in the veil of safety.

We’ve been fed this bullshit for so long, that all Mexican people are probably here “Illegally” and if they would just come here legally then no problem, yet most of the people that say this probably don’t know one person who is here undocumented and if they were here properly, it wouldn’t change how they feel about Mexican people, I mean lets be honest Racism is at the core of this immigration issue, that’s why we never talk about putting a wall up on the Canadian border.

If people want to come to America and commit crimes and violate our safety, they will spend the extra days, miles, money whatever to just come through Canada, we will never stop them, and again lets not forget about the 900 Hate groups already here. You think a wall is going to stop people from coming to this country and committing heinous acts ? GTFOH.

As an American Jew, I don’t fear Mexicans, I don’t fear Muslims, I fear the White Supremacists that think their PURE Race is the only way, and I fear those other White Americans that continue to quietly stand by support and  justify these Racist views and propaganda by using someone’s immigration status as a reason to dehumanize them.

Once you say someone is Illegal and an Alien then you have stripped them of their heritage, their culture their history their identity.  You have dehumanized them  and made then out to be a criminal.

Yes even that 20 year old kid who is risking everything to come to America for a better job , a job by the way that he will get more than likely from a company that will never question his documentation, and will pay him shit wages and no health insurance, but we don’t go after them do we?

Another brilliant way to stop undocumented immigration, maybe go after the company’s and people that are exploiting those coming to this country, but I digress.

Back to my point, people aren’t illegal, no human being is illegal nor are they Aliens. Aliens are from mars or other planets not from Mexico or another country.

Illegal Aliens don’t exist in America, it’s just a code name used to take your eye off the ball that is RACISM.