Unity + Acceptance + Compassion + Tolerance

U.A.C.T. to make our community better

What does U.A.C.T. mean? If we want to change our community and make it more diverse, open, accepting and united, then WE have to ACT. YOU have to Act.
We have to work together uniting with our brothers and sisters who don’t always look like me or you and sometimes don’t worship the same way or even worship at all, or go to the same barber, or eat at the same restaurants we do.

It’s those differences that we need to accept and find compassion and understanding, so that we can learn to tolerate some of the things that make us uncomfortable. Hopefully through this growth and unity will come together to find a common ground, which is a world and community free of hate and racism.

How do we do this? First each of us should to decide on what it is we are passionate about. For me it has always been Racial and Social Justice.

What gets the fire started in you?

What makes you want to get up off your chair and help someone else?

I am passionate about diversity in hiring, respecting Native American Culture, ending the violence in our community and bringing the police and community together, to name a few.

For some, it may be the 80 plus homeless people that died in our streets last year and the four already so far this new year, for others it may be the number of black and brown people that are racially profiled.

Once you figure out what IT is, then you should do your research. You should sit down and research homelessness or racial profiling, find out what has been done, what’s being done and what needs to be done. How can you help?

Where do you fit in to the solution?

Be clear that you are working to find a solution and bringing your passion and compassion to this cause whatever it is you choose. Know the history of the issue you want to be involved with.

Next you should volunteer, volunteer, volunteer. Get to know people and be humble, be willing to learn, watch listen and then act when you are asked to. There are hundreds of people in our community who have been doing work for years and when they see you, a fresh face, they will breathe a sigh of relief, thanking God for the help.

Always try and respect those who came before you and learn from them, trust me it will help your growth and you will be more effective. If you’re white it’s not always our place to lead–sometimes its best for us to follow. We don’t always have to be the face of change especially when it directly impacts our brothers and sisters of color. Sometimes our role is to support and rather than lead.

Once you have found your passion for that thing you want to change or that area you want to make better for our community, and you have researched it and understand all the elements that impact it and have brought it to the place where it needs your help to change the path it’s on or break the cycle, then you need to ACT.

Make a plan

That plan may be to call your legislator, your congresswoman, or join a group. Maybe it’s going to an MLK Day Celebration, or a POW WOW, but whatever it is, get involved and act on your passion, research and volunteering and then begin to change our community for the better. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. It’s up to all of us.

Unity + Acceptance + Compassion+ Tolerance = U.A.C.T. to make our community better.

Sam Sachs