White Privilege Challenge

December 12, 2018 By

White Privilege Challenge:

The next time you as a #White person have a discussion about #Race & #Racism with a person of color, Challenge yourself to:

1) Listen intentionally.

2) Do NOT let your initial response be to dismiss or minimize the Lived experience of people of color.

3) Lead with empathy and acknowledgement of that lived experience. That pain.

4)Seek to understand.

If I told you I cut my hand, it’s bleeding, and I’m hurt most people would respond with concern and compassion to say “How can I help”, even though they may not personally be responsible for the cut.

Why do we respond differently when people of color tell us “My soul, My Being is cut and bleeding and I hurt”?
Imagine if our response was “How can I help”? “What can I do”?