Our Mission: is to promote and advocate for racial equity and mobilize people within their local communities to work towards protecting the rights of minorities.

Our Goal: is to educate the public about racial history, as well as the current racial issues impacting our world today.

What We Believe: it is important to bring people together to learn about critical racial issues such as racial profiling, cultural appropriation, immigration, gang violence, use of force, homelessness, mental illness and other important concerns affecting our world today.

How We Began: Sam Sachs was largely inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and his civil rights activism. In 2000 He began to visualize the The No Hate Zone. He envisions a world where all people of every race are embraced for their unique qualities and are ensured a safe and valued place in our neighborhoods.

This website is dedicated to my parents, my family, my friends and everyone who has supported me along this journey and most importantly to this community in the hope that together we can help end hate and racism.


may, 2017

18may - 18junmay 186:30 amjun 18The Space Between Us: Immigrants, Refugees and Oregon

22may6:00 pm- 9:00 pmCommunity & Police Dinner

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