Our Mission and Goal

Our Mission: is to promote and advocate for racial equity and mobilize people within their local communities to work towards protecting the rights of minorities.

Our Goal: is to educate the public about racial history, as well as the current racial issues impacting our world today.

What We Believe: it is important to bring people together to learn about critical racial issues such as racial profiling, cultural appropriation, immigration, gang violence, use of force, homelessness, mental illness and other important concerns affecting our world today.

How We Began: Sam Sachs was largely inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. and his civil rights activism. In 2000 He began to visualize the The No Hate Zone. He envisions a world where all people of every race are embraced for their unique qualities and are ensured a safe and valued place in our neighborhoods.

About the no hate zone

Sam Sachs, founder of The No Hate Zone, has served as the Human Rights Commissioner for the City of Portland, OR from 2013 to 2015. He served as the Chair of the Human Rights Commissions Nominating Committee and Chair of The Community Police and Relations Committee.

Mr. Sachs graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Black Studies. During his senior year at PSU, Mr. Sachs served as an intern in the Oregon State Legislature for former Oregon State Senator Avel Louise Gordly, who was notably the first African American woman to be elected to the Oregon State Senate.

In 2009, Mr. Sachs successfully lobbied the Oregon State Legislature to pass a landmark bill, House Bill 3118 or “The Rooney Rule,” which requires the interviewing of at least one qualified minority applicant when hiring a head coach or athletic director at any of the Oregon State funded universities. In 2012, he became involved in the efforts to eliminate the use of Native American mascots in all Oregon K-12 schools. He has also worked closely with members of the Native American community and its organizations to successfully lobby the Oregon Board of Education to vote 5-1 to eliminate the use of Native American mascots by 2017.

Mr. Sachs has been an instructor of Diversity with The Department of Public Safety Standards and Training, has presented at The National Caucus of Black Legislators conference, and presented at the City of Portland Diversity Conference.

The No Hate Zone was created out of love, frustration and determination.

Years ago, I decided that if we, as a society, were ever going to end hate and racism, then as citizens we must do the necessary work. I made a goal to do more tomorrow then I did yesterday, more than I did last month or last year towards learning, educating and reaching out as it pertains to diversity and cultural awareness in our community.

This web site is a part of fulfilling that goal.

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