Yesterdays Gone, But I’m still Here

January 11, 2009 By

I realized how much I missed my father the other night. I realized how much I loved him, how much I admired him, how much he meant to me, how much he believed in me.

That is the power of music. I went to the Neil Diamond concert, with my brother, sisters, and mom. It was an amazing evening and it was an emotional one. I grew up listening to Neil Diamond. His words his music brought me back to my childhood.

I remembered the talks I had with my dad, especially after games. I remembered the ways my dad would always in his own way show his love. I realized that even though he is gone, he left me with something to help me get through. The music he loved. I listen to the words more now then I did before.

I write this for only one reason. I loved my dad more then anything. 100 times more then the Steelers or my fight to end Racism, and I realize that it was my dad that gave me this passion, that made me who I am. My dad gave me love.

The No Hate Zone is for him. My work is for him. I will continue to touch others the way my father touched my life, and hope that others will know what it’s like to be loved the way my dad loved me.

You see, “Yesterdays gone and all I want is to smile” (Love on The Rocks).We all know the song. We all know how to love, so if you do one thing in this life time. Make sure you take the time to tell your mom, dad, brother or sister you love them, and maybe just maybe you can show others how to love as well.

Love is the only thing we take with us. It’s the only thing that others leave behind.

I Love You Dad.