Sitting With The Enemy

February 13, 2017 By

Some say what I did last night was foolish, stupid, dangerous, brave, and courageous. I personally saw it as empowering. I met and spoke with one of this states, and perhaps this country’s most known and feared leaders of a Hate Group, called The Volksfront.

I went out to Karaoke last night and on the way in to the bar, I brushed shoulders with ten young men all dressed in black jackets, with blue jeans and jump boots. All had shaved heads. As we passed I noticed their jackets, the words ” Blood and Honor” ” Boot Boys” ” Skin Head”. I stood to let them pass and for the first time in a long time I felt fear. I knew who they were, and what they believe. I knew That as a Jew, I am one of those they CHOOSE to hate. I watched as they went and sat together at a table, all but one.

Rick broke off and went to the bar to get a drink. This is where I become either brave or stupid. I wanted to know why they hate. I wanted to hear it from them, so I went over to the bar. I stood next to Rick. His name was stitched into his jacket.

He said “Hey, nice hat.” (Steelers)

I said “thanks.”

I asked what his Jacket meant. Rick said, ” It’s a group I’m affiliated with”.

I asked ” The Volksfront?”

Rick then looked me over and said ” Do I know you?” “Oh, I get it, you’re a Jew. ”

Along with noticing my second love the Steelers, he noticed my first, the “Star of David” necklace I wear.

I said ” Yeah I’m A Jew, and I’m curious about what you believe.

I said “Can I ask you a question.”

Rick didn’t seem to want to talk, and said he had to leave, but suggested I talk to the founder, Randy. He pointed me toward the table, where Randy was seated. Oddly enough Randy was the only one not dressed in the jacket or with the shaved head. He looked like any ordinary white dude, except he’s about 6’5 and 240LBS.I walked over to the table and stood next to Randy, I put my hand on his shoulder and said,

“Hi, I’m Sam are you Randy?”

At the same time, I saw the other six or so guys stand up and slowly surround the table, boxing me and Randy in. I wasn’t going anywhere.

I then jokingly said “I’m not going to get a beat down, am I?”

Randy answered ” Not yet. ” ” What do you want?”

I told him that I had talked to Rick and wanted to ask some questions.

“Rick told me to talk to you,” I said.

I then asked If I could sit down, and Randy Said “Yes.”

I told Randy that I was interested in his believes, that I had read about his organization, but I wanted to hear it from him. I wanted to know what he believes.

I told Randy I was Jewish and not looking to join.

He said “Yeah I noticed.”

He also said “I don’t have a problem with you.”

I replied “I don’t have a problem with you either.”

I again told him that I just wanted to know what he believed in.

I sat there for about 5 min. and listen as Randy told me that he wants to live in a world of his own Race. A world of only whites. He shouldn’t have to go to a store and be helped by someone that doesn’t speak English. He said he never had a choice to live in an all-white world. He is a 5th generation Portlander and he wants to create a State for people of his own kind.

“You can understand, that, right?” Randy asked me. “You have Israel” ” I want my own State, for my people, free of anyone not white.”

Randy then offered that he doesn’t believe in violence, but he believes in his cause.

I told him,


“I wanted to hear it from you, to try and better understand you.”

I then told Randy that I think everyone has the right to live in a world free of hate, and that we should all be able to coexist.

I told him “You have the right to your believes just like me, as long as we leave violence out of it.”

He said “I agree. ”

I walked away after shaking his hand for the second time, and again thanking him for his time.

I wish I could say that Randy was hateful at that moment or that he was rude to me, but he wasn’t. Maybe he has never had a Jew sit down and ask him what he thinks or for that matter care. Maybe he too, thought I was just plain stupid or brave. I’m not sure what he thought.

I know that Hate is not something we are born with. Randy has been taught to hate and been at it since he was 16. Now in his 30’s it’s his badge of honor.

I wondered how Rick could possibly like the Steelers, since most of the players are black, yet he hates black people. How could Randy let me sit with him, and why would he give me the time of day? He could have told me no, or to go away, but he didn’t. He also could have kicked my ass, but he didn’t.

Maybe I didn’t look Jewish enough for him to feel threatened. Truth is I looked more like him.

I know I don’t believe in HATE. Sure, it visits my heart and soul from time to time, but I try and avoid it. I can’t even hate Randy, and I don’t. I don’t like what he stands for or what he believes. I tried to imagine a world like his. Who would still be in my life? I thought of my family, GONE, my friends, GONE, what a lonely and boring world that would be.

I will continue to believe in my cause. I will continue to teach and preach acceptance and LOVE. Randy’s world is just too ugly for me to except or live in. If you thought for one second that these HATE groups were just a myth, I’m here to tell you they are real. You may never see ten of them together wearing their jackets with pride in public, but they are out there.

Maybe that’s what’s scariest of all. They live among us and keep their identity a secret, yet still work to rid the world of anyone not white.

For more on these groups:

I promise to be more careful.